Frequently Asked Questions


Saint Amelia Education Guild ensures the opportunity for Catholic, private, higher education and experiences to all families. This is done through flexible contract work in the food service industry.


Saint Amelia Education Guild contracts with our food service industry partners at Denver and Colorado Springs area venues to provide team members for food service operations. Once you are a member contractor, you will have access to the Saint Amelia scheduler and will be able to sign up for the events that are convenient for you. Shifts range from 6-8 hours depending on the sport, event and venue. All opportunities begin with prayer and members strive to retain a Christian working environment. Contractors are paid monthly via check or direct deposit.

Are there any age requirements?

You must be 15-16+ to work. Age 18+ may serve alcohol and cashier. Alcohol certification will be required by the venues.

When can I work?

Each month an email will come out stating that the scheduler is open for the upcoming month. Make sure to check venue sites for events and have your dates ready so as soon as you get that email, you can go in and sign up for the events best for you.

Do I have to work a minimum amount?

As a Saint Amelia contractor, there is no minimum commitment; you can work as often as you like and at any of the venues. We do encourage contractors to try to choose hot dates (multiple venues on one date) to help when the most people are needed.

How much can I work?

This is only limited by the number of spaces we have available. Sometimes you may have to sign up as an alternate. It is highly recommended that you look up the venue or team schedule ahead of the scheduler being open so that you can be prepared to sign up as soon as the email is sent stating the scheduler is open for the next month. If you review your options with your family before the scheduler opens that month, you will be prepared to quickly put in your requests. Do not get discouraged if you find certain months with fewer opportunities. People request substitutes and venues add events or extra stands for our members often enough that you should see plenty of opportunities to work.

Does Saint Amelia pay the school(s) directly?

No. You will get paid directly then you can pay your school all or a portion of what you are paid. You may want to set aside some for taxes – ask a tax professional for advice.

Can the money be held for a future tuition need?

No. You will be paid monthly based on the number of times scheduled and the value of the event payment.

Can I set up a 529 to deposit these funds then pay my school through the 529?

Contact an investment company to find out the type of 529 available in Colorado and the type of education it can cover.

How do I work with my school(s)?

Talk to your school’s financial office about Saint Amelia. Most of them already know about us. If they don’t, you can put them in touch with us by having them call 303-389-2788, if necessary. Knowing you are working with Saint Amelia, they may change your payment plan or allow a delay in payments based on how often you plan to work with Saint Amelia and when you expect to get paid.

Will I be taxed for monies earned?

Yes. As a contractor for Saint Amelia, we will not take taxes out of your pay. It will be up to you to set aside what you expect your tax liability to be. Each January, you will receive a 1099 from Saint Amelia. Each person that works will receive their own 1099. If an individual earns less than $600, they will not receive a 1099.

Will we get tips?

Yes. There will be cash tips at most venues. Sometimes this is only a couple of dollars and other times it is more. You will need to claim those as income on your own. Saint Amelia will not be tracking those or adding them to your 1099. Some venues have credit card tips. Those will be added to the income for the event and incorporated into the event share value.

If I’m going to be taxed, why not just get a job or a second job?

As a contractor, you are your own boss. You will pick and choose the locations and shifts you want to work. You can work twice one month and 10 times the next month. There are no other jobs where you can work with your family & friends. Being able to observe and work with your kids is priceless!

Are there ways for me to lower my tax liability?

See the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center on the IRS website:


The venues ask that our contractors take food safety training yearly (typically in Spring) and workers over 18 take alcohol certification training every three years. The venues offer these trainings regularly. When a training is scheduled, it will be announced via email and the sign-up will be in the scheduler. Contractors are responsible for making sure they take the training which is unpaid. You can, however, begin working in a non-certified position prior to completing training.