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Families Funding Catholic
Formation and Education


Students enrolled in Catholic schools in Colorado for the 2023-24 school year.


Number of schools offering a Catholic education in Colorado.


Of religiously affiliated schools in Colorado are Catholic.

Mission Statement

Saint Amelia Education Guild ensures the opportunity for Catholic, private, higher education and experiences to all families.

Saint Amelia Education Guild is a conduit for flexible contract work in the service industry for families seeking to ease the burden of Catholic and general education costs. Saint Amelia also provides opportunities for group fundraising efforts to benefit a school or program. All opportunities begin with prayer and members strive to retain a Christian working environment.


Are you a new or returning Catholic school student? Are you struggling to figure out how you will pay for Catholic/private/college school tuition, activities or other associated costs? Saint Amelia Education Guild (Saint Amelia) is here to help!


Saint Amelia is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) that contracts with the food service industry at Denver and Colorado Springs area venues to provide team members for food service operations.


There are three options to raise funds through Saint Amelia:


Church or School Group Fundraising: This is when a group volunteers for one or more events to raise funds for its organization. The funds raised benefit the church or school group's fundraising purpose (school trip, band instruments, team uniforms, etc.).

Contract Work

Each individual in the family completes an Enrollment Form and then a contract to become part of our team. Family and friends sign up to work at events that are convenient for them. You pick and choose when, where and how often. Each member will receive a 1099 for monies earned each year.


A portion of Saint Amelia Education Guild income is set aside for donations to Catholic non-profits that have a purpose with an element of education.

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Church or School Groups: Please call 303-389-2788 to inquire about group fundraising.

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